Marriage in Thailand - A Guide to Traditional Thai Weddings

Thais have a number of different traditions that they follow when it comes to marriage. These vary according to their region and culture. However, they all include traditional elements that make the weddings unique and memorable.

One of the most popular traditions is that of the traditional Buddhist style of marriage where both parties are treated as equals and respected for their individual beliefs. The ceremony is usually conducted by a monk and the bride and groom wear traditional Thai costumes. Afterwards, a party is held where the couple and their guests can enjoy food and drink.

The ceremony can last for a day or two and involves many activities. Firstly, the bride and groom must pass through a series of gates which are held up by friends and family members. They may be able to pass through by paying a small amount of money, answering questions or professing their love for each other.

In most cases, the bride and groom must pay a dowry in the form of gold or money to their respective parents. This is done to ensure that the bride and groom are not only legally married but are also financially stable for the future.

Another important requirement for any Thai traditional marriage is that the marriage must be registered. It can be done at a district office or by the bride and groom themselves.

Both parties must present documents such as their identity cards, house registration certificate and proof of divorce or spousal death in case of the previous marriage. In addition, an affidavit of marital status must be furnished from their respective embassy in the country where they live.

Once the paperwork has been completed, it must be submitted to the local registrar. The registrar will then register the wedding and issue a marriage certificate.

The process of getting married in Thailand can be quite complicated and time-consuming for both foreigners and Thais. It is therefore recommended that all people seeking to get married in Thailand seek legal assistance. This is because the laws and procedures of getting married in Thailand differ for foreigners and Thais.

Whether you’re planning to get married in Thailand or a foreigner looking to marry a Thai, it is advisable to get the services of a family lawyer to ensure that all the relevant documents are presented and translated correctly. This can be especially true if you’re seeking a prenuptial agreement or you have significant assets that could bring complications later on.

You can start by asking your embassy for an affirmation of freedom to marry or a single status certificate that has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then submit it along with copies of your passports and visa stamp pages to the registrar at the local government office in your area. These documents should be certified and then translated into Thai by a government translator before submission.

The process can take between a week to a month depending on the embassy. If you’re planning to marry in Thailand, we suggest that you check with your embassy to find out how long it will take to obtain this documentation before you come to the country. This will help you avoid a long wait and a possible delay in the registration of your marriage.

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